Bid goodbye to gender bias in workplaces – How to create a difference

In spite of all the progress that we have made over the years,  gender discrimination in workplaces is still a struggle that has to be dealt with in different countries of the world. From being discriminated against to receiving unequal pay, women have faced it all. Currently,  there have been several companies that have shown their interest in promoting diversity in workplaces and they are doing it by giving equal opportunities to women,  women of color,  black women,  and folks belonging to the LGBTQIA community. 

You ask law firms like Strianese Huckert, LLP and they will tell you how many clients they received in a year who have been subject to workplace discrimination. Let’s take a look at the ways in which we can eliminate gender bias in workplaces.

Always remain transparent

Being the employer,  you have to report your gender statistics transparently as this is what the law demands of companies over a certain size. A company your statistics with a clear plan of action on the steps that you will take as an employer to eliminate the gender pay gap, setting clear milestones and targets biographypark.

Promote more women into senior roles

Did you know that companies like Accenture,  KPMG,  and Barclays have all had their gender targets broken down by Business functions? They have defined interim milestones so that they can constantly measure their actions against their targets. Decision-makers and managers in a company are held accountable for meeting deadlines theviralnewj

Incorporate a recruitment process that is gender neutral

When you write your job advertisements,  make sure you use words carefully. Research reveals that using adjectives like ‘ determined’  and ‘competitive’ put off women from that job. On the contrary,  using adjectives like ‘ cooperative’  and ‘ collaborative’ attract more women as compared to men. Hence,  you have to be sure about incorporating a recruitment process that is not biased towards any gender.

Standardize the pay scale and review salaries

If you want to maintain parity between genders and races,  make sure you frequently review salaries. While recruiting new staff,  the pay range should be set and offered on your experience with some space for special achievements biographyer

Unless we take such small steps in our companies and organizations,  it is impossible to eliminate gender bias from work places all over the country.  Both employers and employees have to be proactive about complaining against any form of discrimination that they face in their workplaces factnewsph

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