The Chinese military uniform is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Chinese armed forces. It has a long and varied history and is an important part of Chinese culture. In this blog post, we will look at the history, design, and purpose of the Chinese military uniform, as well as the associated regulations and rules. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about the Chinese military uniform!

The different types of Chinese uniforms

The Chinese military uniform has evolved over time, and several distinct types of uniforms have been used throughout the centuries. The most common type of uniform is the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) uniform, consisting of a dark green jacket, trousers with red stripes, and a red cap. The jacket and trousers typically feature the five-pointed star of the People’s Republic of China on the chest or lapel. In addition to the PLA uniform, there are specialized uniforms for airborne troops, navy personnel, and other armed forces. 

The dress uniform is a very traditional Chinese style of uniform, typically worn for formal occasions and parades. It consists of a long-sleeved white cotton tunic with black silk accents, along with black trousers and a tall military cap. The traditional Chinese dragon is often featured prominently on the tunic and cap. 

The NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) uniform is the everyday working uniform of the Chinese military. It is similar to the PLA uniform, but features a black and gray color scheme instead of the traditional green and red. The NCO uniform also features a peaked cap instead of the traditional flat-topped cap.

Finally, there are specialized uniforms for various military branches, such as the navy, air force, and special forces. These uniforms feature specialized colors, patches, and insignia that distinguish them from other branches.

The history of the Chinese military uniform

The history of the Chinese military uniform dates back centuries, to a time when the Chinese Empire was divided into separate warring states. During this period, each state had its own unique military uniform. During the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), the first standardized military uniforms were developed and these eventually became the official uniforms of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). 

Although the specific colors and insignia used can fluctuate depending on the era or place, the traditional Chinese military uniform pattern has mainly not changed over the years. Yellow, blue, red, and white are the primary colors used in military uniforms, and each has a unique symbolic connotation. Blue symbolizes loyalty and bravery, whereas yellow denotes nobility and courage. White stands for cleanliness and purity, whereas red represents power and strength.

The original design of the military uniform also includes several additional symbolic elements. For example, the golden border indicates the wearer’s authority, while the dragon symbolizes wisdom and strength. The traditional hat worn by Chinese military officers is known as a “du” and is decorated with a large plume that symbolizes courage and honor. 

Despite the traditional designs, the Chinese military uniform has changed over time to reflect modern advances in technology and warfare. Today, it consists of a coat, pants, and boots made from lightweight synthetic fabrics and is designed to provide comfort and protection during combat. Additionally, modern uniforms often include insignia that denote rank and specialty. 

The Chinese military uniform is important to the country’s culture and history. It is a visible reminder of the pride and honor that has been associated with serving in the armed forces for centuries.


The Chinese military uniform has a long and fascinating history, with different types of uniforms designed for different functions and purposes. These uniforms have changed over time, with some more modern styles inspired by western fashion. Military uniforms have a practical purpose, but they also have a significant symbolic meaning in Chinese culture, which is a source of pride and dignity for people who serve in the armed forces. Ultimately, the Chinese military uniform is a distinctive and significant aspect of Chinese culture that merits praise.

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