Exercising the Brain: Simple Tips for Developing Memory

Constant movement is a normal human condition. If there is no progress, there is automatically a rollback. This is true not only for the body but also for memory, attention and imagination. So how to keep your mind in tone?

A lot depends on the normal work of the brain and the intellectual processes associated with it: the assimilation of new information, the realization of professional tasks, productive communication, which requires not only emotional involvement but also remembering names, facts and information at the right moment.

Just like muscles, the brain needs development and training. Of course, there are many specialized courses that develop creativity, mental flexibility, memorization, and logic. But beyond this, there are simple methods and ways to improve cognitive abilities, which you can apply at home or on a walk.

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Breaking Automatism

Every day we automatically perform a lot of familiar actions: wash up, turn on the computer, go the usual way to work and home. On the one hand, it facilitates perception, helps to simplify life, but at the same time something new is lost behind the routine. The easiest and most common option is to take a different, unfamiliar path. A new street? You might notice some interesting stores or a beautiful park. Constantly playing with the same strategy at Explore new tactics. Always buying apples? Try pears – a new flavor will already bring variety.

Learning Languages

This activity requires not only memorizing large amounts of information but also assimilating a structure, a system. In the long run, it will allow you to touch another culture, expand your horizons, make acquaintances not only with foreigners, but also with compatriots who are also engaged in this business.

Healthy Lifestyle

Proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, and physical activity is useful not only for general well-being but also for brain activity. Oxygenation of the brain during sports improves gray matter functioning. Healthy sleep is important for memory, the basis of all cognitive activity.

Creating Stories

It can be not only artistic action with fictional characters or real people but also, strange as it may sound, with inanimate objects. At a basic level, the psyche functions associatively and, weaving together a variety of objects in the imagination, builds unusual and interesting connections.

Ambidextrous Development

Training the “unaided” hand engages the opposite hemisphere of the brain, creating new neural connections. For example, you could try moving a computer mouse to your left hand (or right hand if you are left-handed), to take notes with it. Another exercise is to draw simple geometrical figures or something more complicated on a sheet of paper with both hands at the same time.

Positive Thinking

An item that seems far from the topic under discussion, but only at first glance. When a person believes that he has everything bad, he puts on his blinders, behind which you can not see something good, constructive. Alternatives in decision-making are restricted, opportunities are closed, the inner world is impoverished, and, consequently, thinking becomes formulaic.


Books on a professional topic or a favorite hobby, theaters and exhibitions, and various lectures on a wide range of subjects can be useful for brain development. However, it pays to be selective: cluttering your mind with disparate facts without stopping is a bad tactic. As strong as the stereotype of our limitless possibilities is, it isn’t true. Rather, time and emotional resources play a role, and we certainly don’t have an endless sea of them to throw around. That’s why it’s better to concentrate on a few main directions.

A constant cognitive tone is the basis of a strong mind and, consequently, success in solving various issues of life: from professional to family matters. Without stopping and making efforts, we keep the body in working condition in general and the brain, in particular, for as long as possible.

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