Hip Hop Influence on Youth Culture

Hip hop has a significant influence on the youth culture, especially in urban areas. In the 1970s, urban youth were exposed to gang culture, but this did not stop them from creating their own music and dance forms. In this way, they experimented with poetry and visual art, which eventually became a culture in itself. Ultimately, hip hop influenced many young people in ways that are positive for their lives. In the article below, we will explore some of the ways hip hop has impacted youth culture.

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Hip hop has become so popular that it has completely influenced mainstream youth culture. When asked if hip hop influences youth culture, kids tend to say, “I listen to hip hop.” They are more likely to answer, “Yeah, but I don’t like rap music.” And it seems that these kids are influenced by rap music whether they listen to it or not. And studies have proven a correlation between rap music and criminal behavior, sexuality, and drug use.

However, we can’t overlook the positive aspects of hip hop, like how it influenced youth behavior and speech. Music influences our society in many different ways. Hip hop influences the way we speak, how we dress, and even what we do. However, this positive influence must be complemented by the negative effects of hip hop. As the future of our youth continues to elude us, we need to ensure that our children are exposed to positive influences that will help them overcome challenges and lead happy, healthy lives.

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