How to Get Started With Spuul

Spuul is a great way to watch Indian regional content, and offers streaming, download, and over-the-top content. It even supports regional languages. You can watch a variety of content in different languages, such as Bengali, Marathi, and Hindi. Spuul also allows users to record episodes to watch later. Despite being relatively new to India, the service has already gained a following. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, read on to learn how to get started.

As for the interface, the app hasn’t changed much. Those who are used to Spuul’s current interface will find it very familiar. The service offers both free and Premium subscription options, as well as pay-per-view movies. The company was founded by a group of Sony Entertainment TV executives, including Sudesh Iyer, a former Sony TV executive. Another founding team member is S. Mohan, who co-founded buUuk and Accellion.

In addition to live TV channels, Spuul also offers a large library of movies and TV shows. There are more than 1,000 titles available to choose from, with some being free for regular users while others are only accessible to premium members. Its partnerships with production companies mean that the content is a diverse mix of modern and classic films. The app is designed to make Indian entertainment accessible to anyone around the world. Spuul also allows users to download content to watch later.

With its rapidly expanding user base, Spuul needed to scale their streaming service to multiple platforms. Zencoder’s flexible multi-device strategy and additional bitrates helped Spuul scale its operations in the cloud. It’s not just a great video streaming platform, but it also gives users the option to bookmark their favorite movies. Spuul is currently a global sensation, and it continues to grow every year. You can stream Bollywood movies and other shows in your home without worrying about where to watch them.

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