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The product management tools provided by LinearB help software developers work more efficiently. The company’s funding round was led by Battery laws4life Ventures, 83North, Ariel Maislos, and TechAviv Founder Partners. The company is on track to raise $16 million in Series A funding, and its tools have already helped developers improve their productivity.

LinearB raises $16 million  

Israeli startup LinearB is a software company that develops project management tools for software developers. The company recently raised $16 million in Series A funding led by 83North and Battery Ventures. The startup, which is based in lawyerdesk Tel Aviv, has more than 1,100 teams using its software. The company says its software delivery intelligence platform reduces development cycle time by up to 48%. Its software can track time spent coding, the percentage of code that fails, and more.

LinearB will use the lawyersmagazine funds to expand its product and offer it to a global developer community. The company plans to continue offering a free version to smaller development teams, while also launching a paid enterprise version that will cost $45 per developer per month. It will also add integrations for more developer tools and push for additional workflow automation features worddocx.

Company’s product management  

The LinearB product management tools help companies align engineering and business leaders to improve developer productivity. By providing a unified view of all work, LinearB gives managers the ability to track the status of any issue and prioritize it buxic. The tools also help teams set goals and track progress. Using them can make meetings more effective and streamline communication among team members.

The software’s dashboards display a number of  publiclawtoday metrics that engineers can use to improve developer productivity. The company is able to extract this data from GitHub and Jira to create a centralized dashboard for engineering leaders. However, metrics alone do not improve dev teams. Developer productivity can only be sustained when teams implement the right workflow.

Investors: Battery

Software engineering startup LinearB has secured $16 million in Series A funding led by Battery Ventures. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Santa Monica and Tel Aviv. Its software delivery intelligence platform gathers data from multiple sources to help software developers improve their cycle times. The company claims to reduce development time by up to 48%.

LinearB’s product management tools will help developers become more efficient and align engineering and business leaders. The company is also promoting its products to developers by producing a podcast about software development strategies and a Discord community for developers.

Tribe Capital

LinearB is a cloud-based software delivery intelligence platform. The company has raised a total of $20.6 million since it launched last year, and this latest round of funding comes from Battery Ventures. The company plans to use the funding to further develop its product and make it more affordable for smaller development teams. The company also plans to expand its developer tool integrations and push for additional workflow automation features.

LinearB’s new tools will help developers manage their projects better. These tools will also better align business and engineering leadership. The company has a strong focus on the developer community, promoting its products through podcasts and a Discord channel dedicated to developers.

Ventures and Tribe Capital

LinearB, a Santa Monica-based software engineering company, raised $50 million in Series B funding from Battery Ventures and Tribe Capital. With the funding, the company plans to continue providing its free version of LinearB for smaller development teams while putting the product in the hands of the enterprise community. The company is also looking to expand its developer tool integrations and push for new workflow automation features.

LinearB’s SDI helps developers get the most out of their projects by removing manual work. The platform also enforces team guardrails, resulting in happier developers and faster time to value. LinearB is designed to integrate with project management systems such as Jira and Clubhouse. In addition, it can connect with Slack and provide automated notifications. The software highlights important aspects of your projects in a single, unified view, which lets you see the dependencies between developers. It also helps you dig down into specific branches of code, automatically updating issue status.

LinearB’s software delivery intelligence bestlawyers360 platform provides organizations with metrics and visibility into development. The company has raised $16 million in Series A funding and has a customer base of 1,500 developer operations teams, including unicorns. This funding round is a milestone for the company, which will help it continue to grow its business and expand its reach. LinearB CEO Ori Keren is excited about the future of the company. With this investment, the company plans to expand its product and increase its employee base.

Noogata is a no-code AI platform for enterprise data analysts. It offers a modular, expandable platform that leverages no-code AI frameworks to deliver data insights. The platform abstracts away much of the development work, enabling customers to benefit from best-in-class AI solutions without the headaches and complexity. The company is backed by Skylake Capital and Team8.

Specializes in insurance

Index Ventures led the recent round of funding for Coalition, an enterprise-grade cybersecurity platform that specializes in insurance. The funding comes amid a rising number of cybersecurity incidents. The startup has already expanded into Canada and plans to expand internationally. Other investors in the company include General Atlantic, Ribbit Capital, and Vy Capital.

Forgepoint Capital is one of the world’s most active cybersecurity venture capital funds, with 36 companies currently in its portfolio. Its advisory council consists of 75 cybersecurity industry leaders. Since the firm’s inception in 2015, it has raised $770 million and deployed $500 million to help industry leaders reach their full market potential.

SolCyber, a managed security service provider, raised $20 million in series A funding. The money will be used to improve the company’s products and extend its go-to-market efforts. The company is aiming to take on a huge market that Gartner estimates will grow to $170 billion by 2022.


ReversingLabs, which develops threat detection and analysis solutions, raised $56 million in series B funding. ForgePoint Capital and Prelude both participated in the round. The startup is growing fast, with a rapidly growing client base and thriving partnerships with its portfolio companies.

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