Why Does Everyone Hate GameStop?

Why Does Everyone Hate GameStop? There are many reasons to hate this retailer, but one of the most prevalent is its ridiculous policy of reselling video games at new retail prices. Sadly, many people have no idea that this policy exists and it only serves to increase the number of people who get ripped off. Luckily, there are ways to combat this policy. Here are just a few examples. manytoons

GameStop has a history of raising prices. Most manytoon famous customers were happy to get Buy 2 Get 1 Free games on Black Friday, but GameStop has a history of raising prices so high that it no longer makes any money off of Black Friday sales. Some GameStop employees even turned shopping carts into Mario Karts without customers’ knowledge. Then, there were the times when employees slipped up and sold used games to customers without their knowledge. rexdlcom

GameStop employees are rewarded for pushing select games. The store displays every Mario Kart game in its inventory. They also train their employees to pre-order the game. The goal of this practice is to make consumers think they’re making a good choice by pre-ordering it. Whether moviesverse you hate GameStop or not, it’s worth noticing the practices of this retailer. Its employees have been instructed to push certain games to generate sales.

The game retailer has a history of scandals, including a sham “short squeeze” of its stock by thousands of small investors on Reddit. starmusiq These investors, in turn, angered hedge funds by betting against companies that average people love. These investors hoped to drive the GameStop stock price up to create profits for them. The move prompted hedge funds to buy GameStop stock, forcing its price to spike acmarketnet

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